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Meatloaf and Rosemary Potatoes

What a fun week doing the CrockPotPalooza!! WOOHOO! Day 5 in underway at Chez Quick and I'm busy in the kitchen! Today's menu is.... MEATLOAF & ROSEMARY POTATOES! YUMMO! Who knew? Meatloaf in the CROCK POT! I'm not actually making this for tonight because it's Read More →

Beef Stew

Day 4! Who's still with me??? We've only got one day to go for the finale! Have you been making one every night or are you waiting for the FINAL 5 to have a FREEZER COOKING PARTY?? OK...Today's CrockPotPalooza meal is..... BEEF STEW! This is Read More →

Beef Stroganoff

Are you ready for DAY 2 of CrockPotPalooza? I am... crock pot is out on the counter and revving UP! On the menu tonight is.... Beef Stroganoff! Mmmmm! Makes me drool just thinking about it! And the best part is ... my boys love to Read More →

White Chicken Chili

Ready for the FREEZER Cooking Par-tay? Honestly... I was FREEZER Cooking and Crock-potting ... when Crock-potting wasn't cool! It all started back in 2003 when I saw a cool write up in Southern Living about a gal named Sharon Gray Read More →

Yummy Meatball Soup

Yummy Meatball Soup's the weekend and for me that means SOUP! I've been so hungry for this soup .... I went ahead and made the meatballs yesterday so they Read More →

Best Meatballs Ever

It's the weekend... and a three-day weekend to boot! WOOOOHHOOOOO! I decided that I wanted to make some soup... and not just any soup! Meatball soup! Mmmmmm! Not to sound biased or anything... but these are the BEST meatballs EVER! You make them in Read More →