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This is a NEW segment of my blog that I will be starting called… “THRIFTY”.

It’s about all things FOUND… FREE… or FRUGAL!  Wow… three “F” words in a row! HA!

Being a mom of four growing boys… there really is no other way to be.

I’m Thrifty And I Know It! LMAO!

Queue the beat to “Sexy and I know it”…. Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle yeah….

This really makes me laugh out loud because when I was growing up… I would have thrown a Royal Teenage FIT if my mother had tried to get me to wear clothes from a thrift store.

Or heaven forbid…. GASP…. Hand.Me.Downs! AS IF!

I can just see me rolling my eyes at her as I say … “No way Mommmmmmm!”

Fast-forward 25 years and I’m a Yard Sale-ing, Thrift Shopping, Coupon Clipping, Dumpster Diving (only furniture LOL!) Diva!

Yep! My favorite APP is Yard Sale Treasure Mapper! Really!

My husband and I drool as we drive by yard sale signs. We look at each other… then make a hard turn onto the street.

The boys in the back, knowing what we’re doing, hold on tight!


We scour the tables for boys clothes (obviously) and toys and any other junk  treasures we find that might be useful or cool.

You never know what you might find… and that is the thrill of the hunt! Once you make a big score… you’re hooked!

Best score ever was my wine opener… not just any wine opener… but a standing wine opener!

You know… the ones that are about $99!!

Yep… we paid…. wait for it….

We asked “how much?” and the husband looked at the wife and he said… “How about $1???”

$1???? SOLD!!!!

I looked at Jim and he whipped out a crisp $1 bill and we ran back to the car… didn’t want anybody changing their mind.

Then the guy followed us and I was like … CRAP!

He knocked on the window… I rolled it down…

He reached in and handed me an extra screw pull and foil cutter…. “You forgot this!”

Wanting to bust out laughing I calmly said… “Thank you… thank you so much! OK…. Buh-bye!”

And that my friends was the HOOK!

I have never stopped and we go almost every weekend…

Except for the cold months… that’s when we hit the thrift stores.

Ahhhhhhh …. Thrift Stores! That’s a completely different story!

Queue the beat to “Thrift Shop”….. Got $20 in my pocket… gonna POP some tags!

Until next time…


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