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Bacon… Bacon… and MORE Bacon is what my boys like to eat for breakfast on the weekends!

I swear… they can hear me open a package of bacon from a mile away.

They show up and ask “Are you making us BACONNNNNNNNNNN?”

With hypnotized EYE’s… all googly!

Then I have to keep them away from the cooking of the bacon so that there is actually BACON to eat!

And when I say BACON … I mean at least a pound. I’ve had to cook more before and that still wasn’t enough.

There are so many ways to cook bacon… everyone has their “method”.

Sort of like Forrest Gump’s Shrimp speech…

You can barbecue it, boil it, broil it, bake it, saute it. Dey’s uh, bacon-kabobs, bacon creole, bacon gumbo. Pan fried, deep fried, stir-fried. There’s pineapple bacon, lemon bacon, coconut bacon, pepper bacon, bacon soup, bacon stew, bacon salad, bacon and potatoes, bacon burger, bacon sandwich. That- that’s about it.

Forrest forgot one… BACON Jam! Oh MYYYYYY!

But back to making bacon! LOL!

My kids like it crispy and when I say crispy… I mean super crispy… falling apart when you pick it up crispy!

That’s hard to do… but I make it in the microwave because not only does it have to be CRISPY… but FAST TOO!

Bacon101 That’s not too much to ask… right??

No… here’s how I do it…

  1. I put 2 paper towels on a microwave safe dinner size plate and lay 6 slices of bacon horizontally
  2. Add 2 more paper towels on top and line up 5 – 6 more slices laying vertically
  3. 2 more paper towels and the rest on top laying horizontally
  4. Last finish it off with a “blanket” of 2 paper towels

Put the whole big BACON plate in the microwave and cook for 6 minutes.

After the 6 minutes is up… open the microwave and carefully lift the paper towels to see how it’s doing.

My husband is the only one that likes “chewy” bacon (GASP!) so I usually take his out now and set it aside.

Finally … close the door and set the microwave for another 6 minutes. It may take a little longer depending on the cut of the bacon and the brand.

For some reason Oscar Myer regular cut is the only bacon that I can find that will cook to the proper crispness for my Bacon connoisseurs!

They are truly experts and can tell just by looking at it. YEP! THEY ARE GOOD!

So… when the final time sounds on the microwave…. DING!


Bacon101 Me… pot holders on… lifting the precious cargo out of the microwave…

… Setting the HOT BACON plate on the stove…

… Boys entering the kitchen…

…. I can see with the eyes on the back of my head that all 4 are racing to the plate….

… I turn around quickly and….


NOT SO FAST cowboys!

Slow motion sequence stops….as I protect the plate with a spatula!


Mom = 1…. Boys = 0

Boys sigh and head to the dining room and wait as patiently as possible for their ration of BACONNNNNNN!

MUAHHAHAHAHAH! Evil laugh… I assemble the rest of the breakfast on the plates.

Then we all sit down and they eat like WOLVES! LOL!

Ahhhhh Glorious BACON!

The END!

Microwave Bacon Making Rule number 1… do NOT skimp on the brand of paper towels. Cheap store brands will just stick to the bacon. UGH! It’s a true bacon nightmare and it’s happened to me and it will NEVER happen again. I use Bounty for my BACON! LOL! Nothing else will do!

If you try this recipe… please leave comments and tell me what you think.

Until next time….



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