Monthly archive January, 2013

Olé Taco Night

WooHoo!! It's TACO TUESDAY THURSDAY! I know... it's usually on Tuesday... but it's been a helluva week and we are having it on Thursday! BECAUSE WE CAN!! LOL!! I love making tacos... so easy and so yummy!! Who doesn't want cheese... chips... and salsa Read More →

Bananas for Banana Bread

Oh Banana Bread! I LOVE YOU! So amazing and I just need to dirty up one bowl! Then... I'm expected to wait the longest 30 minutes EVER until the timer goes off. DING! BANANA BREAD!! Who want's a piece? MMMMM..... melted butter on top? Perfection! OK... here's the Read More →

Sunday Brunch Eye-Opener

Mmmmmm! Sunday's... I just love 'em! Sleeping in late... Coffee... Brunch! And by sleeping in late I mean as long as the boys will let us. I have to get up a dozen or so times to solve Lego thefts and breakup Jedi Read More →

Easy Peasy Crock Pot Chicken

Monday... Again? Who hates to cook on Mondays?? Yep! Me too! I have the day off today but I still hate to cook dinner on Mondays! LOL! If you feel the same way, you know you do, just follow this Easy Peasy recipe and Read More →

Bacon Jam

Ohhhhhh Martha Stewart! How I loved you in the 80's! Then... there was that incident and I fell out of love with you! But...WAIT! OOOOO MMMMM GGGGG I am in LOVE again! BACON JAM!? STFU! Really... and you make it in the CROCK POT! What more Read More →

Yummy Meatball Soup

Yummy Meatball Soup's the weekend and for me that means SOUP! I've been so hungry for this soup .... I went ahead and made the meatballs yesterday so they Read More →