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What is CLINK?

Yes… I know… you’re wondering What the “F” is CLINK?

Well, it’s like CHEERS… Only Better! You can say… CLINK This… or CLINK That…. or What the CLINK??

And besides… CLINKING is pretty damn fun!

Call up your friends and what do you do? You CLINK! CLINKING is pretty addictive… before you know it… everyone is having a CLINKING good time. No matter how you use the word… it makes sense. AND best part, it works all on its own.


See what I mean?

There is only one other word out there that can be used so many different ways and mean so many different things. We all know what that word is so… no need to go into details… plus it’s so overused! LOL!

About Me & My Blog…

I am a busy, work from home mom with 4 little boys. We have 2 6-year-olds and 2 8-year-olds. I know what you’re thinking and the answer is NO! We do NOT have two sets of twins… it they were I’d play the lottery more. LOL! I recently remarried, and gained two wonderful little boys and their fabulous dad Jim!

We’re sort of like the Brady Bunch minus 2…. and we don’t have Alice… or Sam the Butcher! DAMN! I like to keep everything organized and going as easily as possible for their sake and my sanity. This includes feeding all of them… which is what this whole blog is about… my passion for FOOD and well… what goes better with food than WINE! And NOT necessarily in that order.

If you ask my husband, he’ll tell you that I am thinking about “What’s For Dinner” before we ever get out of bed in the morning! TRUTH! And thankfully it doesn’t bug him when I ask him what he wants for lunch while he’s still sleeping. ZZZZzzzzzzzzz!

I like to cook and he likes to eat! Perfect! It’s a foodie match made in Heaven!

Guess What!


It’s CLINK time!

What time is CLINK time? Anytime is CLINK time!

Pull up a chair… Relax…CLINK for a while!

Food… Fun…. Family… Friends… and WINE!

I know… it doesn’t start with “F”…but… it’s WINE so who gives an “F”!

Ok… it’s TIME to CLINK!


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